Fruit salad

Ummeeta Rabiu

Okay so people have been asking me the secret to my fruit salad.. Honestly i just do the basic stuff. 

Like i cut the fruits in tiny chunks. And if im using banana or apples (or any fruit that turns blackish and left for a while) i add lemon juice. 

If im using water melon i pick out all the seeds. For pineapple i remove all that stuff that goes deep ( the brownish something that pineapples have) or i just use can pineapples. 

I never i repeat never use papaya because i hate it with passion (but you can use it if you like). 

The ingredients for my basic fruit salad are : bananas, pineapple, apples and watermelon. If im feeling fancy i add in kiwi and strawberies. Orange juice or pineapple juice is a necessity. ( i really dont waste my time squeezing oranges rather i use store…

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